Re: Are There Races? (Was: Re: Bob Whitaker: causing strife through the racist agenda)

28 Nov 1996 15:23:29 GMT

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Philip Kasiecki <> wrote:
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>Terry Hallinan ( wrote:
>: +@+.+ (G*rd*n) wrote:
>: >Whether race has biological meaning or not is not a result
>: >of race being a social construction. There's no doubt that
>: >it's a social construction; this doesn't prevent it from
>: >being biological, but doesn't require it either.
>: But, of course, this is pure gobbledegook. Race is a biological
>: concept. The "social construct" is baseless prejudice. When you
>: remove the scientific underpinnings there is nothing left but
>: superstition and lies.
> "Race" among humans is a social construct. Outside of this realm,
>it is a biological concept. But there are no "races" among humans in a
>biological sense, only in a social sense (somehow, I know what Terry's
>going to say in response...)

You keep telling us this, Phil, but you never have said what would
constitute a biological race in humans. Let's have the concept and then we
can go into the arguments, hopefully more elaborate than just your say so,
about your claim.