Re: Are There Races? (Was: Re: Bob Whitaker: causing strife through the racist agenda)

G*rd*n (+@+.+)
28 Nov 1996 19:41:56 -0500

| ... ():
| You keep telling us this, Phil, but you never have said what would
| constitute a biological race in humans. Let's have the concept and then we
| can go into the arguments, hopefully more elaborate than just your say so,
| about your claim.

I don't know about Phil, but you can define "race" just
about any way you want -- it is, after all, just a word.
You could pick some genetic marker or phenotype -- like,
say, type A blood -- and say that everyone who had it
belonged to a race -- the Type-A-Blood-Folk.

What you can't do is define "race" as a biological concept
which matches the American social construction into White
and Black. Or I don't think you can; but if you can, just
go ahead and do it. This invitation has been made several
time now, and I haven't seen anything. Can it be there's
nothing there?

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