Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

marc aguilera (CSKBB@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU)
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 15:33:02 EST

I think it best we ignore Bob Whitaker from now on. Not because many of
us disagree with him, but because he does not debate fairly:

1 - Most people posting here (known to Bob as the PC Police) are willing to
believe that Bob believes what he says he believes (clear?). In other
words, we may not like his words, but we represent them fairly.

2 - Bob, however, never believes that we are telling the truth about our
beliefs. Any disagreement with Bob and you'll get one of several rote
a - There goes that ol' pc clone party line.
b - You want the white race destroyed by non-white immigration, but
you never want to see whites immigrate to non-white countries.
d - You are out to commit genocide on the white race.
e - You clones will always prefer a non-white or a jew to a white.
f - etc. etc. etc.

Now I've never discussed immigration, destroying any race, or anything of
the kind, yet Bob insists on putting words in my mouth. He is not serious
about arguing any points at all. I think this goes beyond cowardly, this
is actually a little crazy. After all, I have plenty of areas where I
disagree with Bob, there is no need for him to make up new ones, yet he does.
Compare him to Brian Smith. There is one evil sucker, but he does at least
address one's points and does not pretend you said something you didn't.
(Of course, he also makes up all sorts of evil data about the Holocaust
not existing, but nobody's prefect). Bob, grow up, or get out.

Carl Skutsch