Re: intrinsic value?

cynthia gage (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 16:50:33 -0500

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> cynthia gage wrote:
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> > What do you consider intrinsically valuable? What IS intrinsic value?
> > Can humans asign intrinsic value to something?
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> > Just wondering... :)
> > Cynthia
> To me, instrinsic value is always morally defined. That is that
> anything that is of "instrinsic value" reinforces a moral code (family
> cohesiveness, social cohesiveness, altruism, etc.)
> Shannon you think things like water or oxygen or trees have intrinsic
value? Do you think we as humans have any way of judging value apart from
our own "human experience" and "human existance"? What I mean is, do all
other cultures value "family cohesiveness, social cohesiveness, altruism,
etc. and even if they do, do you think those things are valueable outside
of the "human experience"?
I don't really think there are any answers to these question, perhaps
they're for philosiphers to argue about but I think it's interesting to
hear what people think.