Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
26 Nov 1996 19:12:50 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Justin Samuels wrote:
: >
: > I am well aware that to Bob that the child of a mixure marriage isn't
: > considerd white. however, I was just pointing out that, A, the marrige
: > betwen the couple was voluntary, and it's none of Bob's business, B,
: > racial defintions are cultural, one can alter them to fit one's need,
: > bob has a mythical pure white race in mind, which doens't exist, many
: > whites have Blacks and Indians in their ancestries, and Bobby can't tell
: > by loooking at them. So if he extended the argument that the mixed
: > people aren't white to it's fullest, let's face it, in the Western
: > hemisphere, there are few White people, because all the establisehd
: > families are mixed. That's what I was trying to say. I'm sure Bobby
: > consideres some Latinos White, after all, many Nazi's immgrated to
: > Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil after World War II. The Whites are a
: > minority in Paraguay and Brazil, though.

: Ah! Another clone, another repeat!
: You wonderful antiracists always want Asia to remain Asian, Africa to
: remain African, but you demand massive immigration into and integration
: in LLwhite majorityy coutnries and ONLY white majority countries.

Where is this stated in the passage above?

: All this crap about "the races" is the usual traitors saying they're
: just being objective, as all traitors always have.

Exactly what treason is being committed, how is this treason
defined, and what evidence do you have that 'all traitors always
have' said they were objective? Did William Joyce? Did Ezra Pound?

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