Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 08:39:50 -0500

> I think it best we ignore Bob Whitaker from now on. Not because many of
> us disagree with him, but because he does not debate fairly:
> 1 - Most people posting here (known to Bob as the PC Police) are willing to
> believe that Bob believes what he says he believes (clear?). In other
> words, we may not like his words, but we represent them fairly.
> 2 - Bob, however, never believes that we are telling the truth about our
> beliefs. Any disagreement with Bob and you'll get one of several rote
> responses:
> a - There goes that ol' pc clone party line.
> b - You want the white race destroyed by non-white immigration, but
> you never want to see whites immigrate to non-white countries.
> d - You are out to commit genocide on the white race.
> e - You clones will always prefer a non-white or a jew to a white.
> f - etc. etc. etc.
> Now I've never discussed immigration, destroying any race, or anything of
> the kind, yet Bob insists on putting words in my mouth. He is not serious
> about arguing any points at all. I think this goes beyond cowardly, this
> is actually a little crazy. After all, I have plenty of areas where I
> disagree with Bob, there is no need for him to make up new ones, yet he does.
> Compare him to Brian Smith. There is one evil sucker, but he does at least
> address one's points and does not pretend you said something you didn't.
> (Of course, he also makes up all sorts of evil data about the Holocaust
> not existing, but nobody's prefect). Bob, grow up, or get out.
> Carl Skutsch

I always think it's cute the way Kasiecki-Bornw and the other clones
think they can give me orders.