Re: cultural anthropology

Susan S. Chin (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 06:55:55 GMT

Q: Is there a newsgroup for cultural anthropology?

: > wrote:
: >> I don't know. If you find one let me know!
: >> -Greg Wislon

: (cynthia gage) wrote:
: >Me too...can we start one?
: >Hmmmm... :)
: >Cynthia

Frank Schaap ( wrote:
: count me in!
: Frank

FYI, newsgroups are pretty difficult to get started, for various reasons.
Some of the questions you'll likely encounter would be justification of
need for such a group, demonstrated discussion occurring in other related
newsgroups such as this one (sci.anthropology) which cannot accommodate
the discussion topics proposed. Vast support in terms of "yeah, I'd
post in that newsgroup if it were created" would be needed too. Minimum
100 email addresses for alt newsgroups, something like a 2/3's majority
with a margin of 100 more yes votes than nos.

Still interested? :)


PS it's conceivable there is already a socio/cultural anthro newsgroup
and we're just not aware of it...