Re: Ed Conrad

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (
Tue, 26 Nov 96 16:05:18 GMT

(I do know that this very posting is an action that goes against the
preaching it attempts to make, but I promise not to follow up Conrad's
responses, if any.)

Any reactions, whether serious-sounding, slighting, or
outright-insulting to this guy Conrad (an others that show their heads
once in a while), will only encourage him and make him feel that he is
"into something". Really. People should learn to use their kill files
or their delete commands or something. He may or may not keep posting,
but people that know better should restrain themselves. I do
understand that sometimes it is impossible to avoid the witty rejoinder,
and anyway we may feel we deserve it after so much aggravation.

I do not condone censorship at all, but I believe that once a point is
made, the abuse of this medium, a-la-Conrad, should be punished with
virtual silence. He abuses Usenet because that is basically the only
venue he has been able to find to keep pushing his coal skull and,
mostly, his problems re academia.

Thanks. And please reply privately or to the appropriate newsgroups
(not sci anthropology please), i.e. those dealing with Usenet abuse,
freedom of expression, etc.


Domingo Martinez-Castilla