Re: Ed --where is your skeleton ????

Ed Conrad (
26 Nov 1996 13:15:36 GMT (Robert Nordblom) wrote (to

>With the thousands of bones that you have collected, ED where is your
>complete skeleton ?

Thanks for asking!
I regret to inform you we still don't yet have a complete skeleton,
although we're awfully close.

It seems we're still missing an Astragalus (largest of the Tarsal
bones in the hand); the Fifth Lumbar Vertebrae (having difficulty
locating one with sufficient promience of the Sacro-Vertebral
Articulation); and the Adductor Obliquus Pollicis (which arises from
the Os Magnum, the bases of the Second and Third Meacarpal Bones, the
Anterior Carpal Ligaments, and the sheath of the Endon of the Flexor
Carpi Radialis).

I'd also like to find another Calcaneum, also known as Os Calcis, the
largest and strongest of the tasal bones of the foot, since one of the
two we're using is quite frayed at one end.

Ted said he might drive up this weekend to help me sift through a
small mountain of 80,000 petrified bones to locate these final missing
parts so he can post a photo of the full skeleton in time for