Re: LUCY: ``Yes, we have no bananas!"

Andrew Spring (
25 Nov 1996 17:42:29 GMT

Ed Conrad ( wrote:

: They include Alan Mann at the University of Pennsylvania, Robert
: Eckhardt at Penn State University, some turkey from the Smithsonian
: Institution,

Let me guess. Niles Eldridge?

: Milford Wollford at . . .(I foget, he's lucky I even
: remember his brain-boggling name),

And I'm sure he thanks his lucky stars that you did.

: David Pilbeam (a a real horse's
: ass), Stephen Jay Gould . . .and the bigwigs like Johanson, Leakey,
: Leakey's mother, etc.etc. etc., who did not even have the courtesy to
: respond to information and photographs I had sent them.

No, but I'll wager they passed it around the faculty lounge for a good

: Every single one of them either shot me down with nonsensical rhetoric
: or wanted nothing whatsoever to do with involvement in honest
: investigation.

: All they were doing, Andrew MacRae, was protecting the party line.

For purposes of comparison, I suggest you try the following:

Write to every prominent mathematician you can think of, telling them
that you've managed to trisect an angle or square a circle. I predict
you'll get similar responses.

These guys have more important things to do with their time than to
spend it correcting the mistakes, or disproving the pet theories
of amateurs.