Human Imagination

Donald Hamilton (
26 Nov 1996 01:56:29 GMT


Scientists pretty much agree that Modern Man began to make itself known
around 40,000 years ago. Whenever it was, it was the time when evidence
of human creativity began to leave its indelible mark on our planet's
archaelogical history. The "Mind" of mankind became able to create a
mental image, to imagine. HUMAN IMAGINATION CAME INTO EXISTENCE. The Homo
Sapiens became the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens".

Human imagination is the tremendous power that separates Mankind from the
rest of the animals on the planet. It was a quantum leap to a higher
level of awareness. Humans could now "see" with their mind. They became
creative and curious. They were now able to create vocal sounds that they
could associate with a mental image of an object or an action. They
became capable of imagining abstract images.

Before this time they had a very limited imaginative capability, they
were very smart animals, but they were still extemely limited. Their
mind's "eye" could not "see" the wonders of their world - YET! They
created some rudimentary tools and used fire but that was about as far as
they could go. When the time of transformation came, it happened world
wide, either simultaneously or in a short period of time. A moment of
human time or evolutionary time, its all relative. Human imagination is
like a light switch, its either on or off. It was a Special Gift from our
Creator, the culmination of four billion years of the evolution of life
on Earth. There was no Adam and Eve so to speak. The final vital
connections of the brain evolved in all existing humans, world wide. It
was the time of transformation, the "Creation of Mankind". From this time
onward Mankind began to progress!

If these vital connections are somehow destroyed, we quickly lose our
human imaginative capabilities.

Don Hamilton 11/23/96
author of; "THE MIND OF MANKIND" - Human Imagination, the source of
Mankind's tremendous power!

They used to say, "If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings.
Well, we fly all over the place now, instead of giving us wings he gave
us an Imagination".

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