Re: The submerged city

Michael Rogero Brown (
25 Nov 1996 21:08:21 GMT wrote:
: >Anybody find out if the wood carvings found in the submerged city off
: >the Florida coast are real?

: Do you mean the carving from Key Marco and similar sites? If so, these
: have been known for many decades. There isn't any submerged city
: associated, though, just some fairly impressive towns (with mounds, some
: shell-faced) built by the Calusa and their ancestors. The carvings are
: exquisite.

A good book to read for more info on the Key Marco finds is Marion Gilliland's
The Material Culture of Key Marco Florida, first published by the Univ of Fl
in 1975, then reprinted by Florida Classics Library in 1989. Also check out
Barbara Purdy's Art & Archaeology of the Florida's Wetlands published by CRC
Press in 1991 and Indian Art of Ancient Florida which just came out from
Univ Press of Florida.

Key Marco was NOT a submerged city. There where muck-filled 'water courts'
that these wood objects fell into and where thus preserved. Many wood objects
have been found in Florida because of this.

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