Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
25 Nov 1996 01:48:14 GMT

In article <>,
Justin Samuels ( wrote:
: Bob,

: You attack everyone as being politically correct because you
: don't have anything to say. Different people post different respones
: to you, yet you don't directly answer it, you simply state that the
: person is a clone are brainwashed.

Damn, this person hasn't been here long, but he's got Bobby figgered

: I have some questions for you, and answer them directly.

Don't bet on him doing that.

: Can you actually answer the questions that you're asked by myelf and
: others, without erecting a defensive shield of, oh, I'm under attack by
: pc liberals.

Probably can't. I'd be utterly shocked if he did, though.

: Intermarriage doesn't kill a race off. If someone white has a child
: with a meber of another race, half of the child genes are from the
: white side, it isn't eleminated.

Thank you. But racists like Bob don't care; to them, the child is
whatever the "race" of the non-White parent is, not half-White, half
(Black, Asian, Latino, etc.).

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