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Toby Cockcroft wrote:
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> >> Hi,
> >> I agreed with you completely, assuming you were talking politics.
> >> But evolution is simply not open to challenge by honest people.
> >> Just take the time to study the plum tree.
> >> Just take the time to go out to a dinosaur site.
> >> Ken.
> > I agree with yo on evolution. But someone who agrees with us doesnot
> >belive in evolution. That's fine with us, since we are not Politically
> >Correct clones, so disagreement is expected.
> Wron again Bob. My you are a foolish little child aren't you ... yes you
> are. I disagree with you constantly yet I beleive in the theory of
> evolution. What you beleive in isn't evolution it is social Darwinism.
> If you don't know the difference why don't you try going back to school.
> Toby.......................................................................

PC is difficult to define, but easy to observe. Every generation
has its own PC culture. In the middle ages it would have been
non PC to say the Earth was round, because it would have gone
against Church doctrine, which was the golden PC standard at the
time. PC is like following the crowd, doing what your expected
to do, thinking what your expected to think and saying what
is the least likely to offend people. PC is being in Vogue.
PC standards change when enough people realize it is no longer cool
to follow the crowd like a sheep. This happened in the
1960's, when there was a mass social rebellion against the PC
standards of that time.