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24 Nov 96 12:54:55 -700

Roger Dodger has this to say about that-
>I am inthe process of putting together a homepage with A&A llinks on
>it. however I want to put on a skull however the only ones that I have
>been able to find are tacky etc. Does anyone know here I might be able
>to get one from ? I know that some cultures find photos of their
>relatives offensiiveI want some that are not offfenseive, or even better
>does somone know of a site where I can get HTML bones, stone tolls etc?

I would suggest that you use a Neandertal skull picture. Since they have been
extinct for 25,000 years, your chances of offending anyone or any particular
culture are nil.

The French Misintry of Culture and the French Museum of Man have some fossil
skull pics, I think, and if they don't, their webpage has many good links. You
might also try the Origons home page for pics.

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