Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Justin Samuels (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 15:11:01 -0800


You attack everyone as being politically correct because you don't have
anything to say. Different people post different respones to you, yet
you don't directly answer it, you simply state that the person is a
clone are brainwashed.

I have some questions for you, and answer them directly.

There are only several allelels resonsible for skin color. There are
millions of genes on a chromosone. So how would the genes for skin
color affect intelligence?

I think you're confusing genotype and phenotye. Genotype is the actual
genetic make up, and phenotype is merely physical appearance, Bill
Clinton can be genetically closer to Louis Farakhan than he is to Al
Gore, yet their skin colors are different. Some one can appear white in
apperance, but many of ther genes may be inhereted from other racial
ancestery. In America(as in all the nations of the Western
hemishphere), there has always been consierable inermarrige, Everyone
who comes from an established family on this continent has genes from
three races, Black, White, and Indian. How would this facoor into
differences in intelligence, the ones you claim are there?

Where is your evdidence coming from that there is a difference in
intelligence among the races? I know illiterate Whites, and I know
black scientists.

I would like you to list all of the races in the world according to your
definitions. I also consiered the Jews White, yet you don't. Why?
Some Jews are as White as can be, I'd never be able to tell the
difference. In fact, some scholars say at the end of the Roman Empire,
it was fashionable in many circles to be Jews, so many Europeans
converted to Judaism, they are the ancestors to todays Jews.

Can you actually answer the questions that you're asked by myelf and
others, without erecting a defensive shield of, oh, I'm under attack by
pc liberals. I'm not attacking you, nor I am pc, I'd just like to know
what you think, and I'd like you to clarify some of the things you've
just siad, like the white race is under attack. The people in charge of
the educational system are white, so why would they have this mass
conspiracy against whites? How is the white race dying off?
Intermarriage doesn't kill a race off. If someone white has a child
with a meber of another race, half of the child genes are from the white
side, it isn't eleminated. Besides, that was voluntary, and people have
the writer rightg with you looking at only Germanic women, but other
whites my haven't different ideas, you should respect that.

What about White immigration to other countries? America(again the
whole Hemisphere), had no whites before the colonial era, then massive
European immigration came to these countries. large numbers of
Europeans also settledin Australia, South Africa, and some other
countries in Africa, countries in Latin America still recieve European
immigration. Why have you forgotten to mention this? Bob, you'd be
better off if you accpeted thatthe world is changing, your deny it will
not make it go away, you're only harming yourself.