Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
23 Nov 1996 17:49:29 GMT

The remains of Bob Whitaker, sparking fitfully, fulminate on:
>You can jargon yourself blue, but the simple fact is that in every case
>you always come down on the Poltiically Correct side in every

Given that you've proven so far incapable of articulating precisely what
it is you mean when you use the term "Poltiically Correct," I think that
most of us would, at this point, be entirely correct in believing that
*anyone* who isn't riding the Tunnel o'Bile in the Whitless World theme
park (and that appears to be everyone here, with the possible exception of
your supporter and National Alliance spokesmoron Brian Smith and perhaps
the cowardly Frank Weltner - still in hiding, I note) would seem to fit
the category. Precisely what good is this particularly solipsistic
ideo-illogical winnowing technique?

And very little of Laura's stuff was in jargonese, Bob. I'm not an
anthropologist by any means (although I've been around Carbon-14 a
bit :-) ), and I understood it perfectly. The major difference between
the two of you is that you're evidentially deficient and Ms. Finsten

And by the way, Bob - I think that your writing probably didn't do much
in arguing for your continuing "career" in adademia because It's just
plain shoddy by about any standards of logic or scholarship I can come
up with. Content's got little to do with it; you washed out because your
polemic outruns your intellect by an order of magnitude. Period.

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