Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Richard P. Hanson (*REMOVE*)
22 Nov 1996 09:09:17 GMT (Fragano Ledgister) wrote:
>Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
>: Richard P. Hanson wrote:
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>: > Can someone please jog that record player, that Bob Whitaker record
>: > keeps getting stuck.
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>: > Speaking for myself, of course!
>: You are speaking fro the land where "the truth is no excuse" not
>: to go to prison for speach banned under your Hate Laws.
>Might we have some citations of the relevant laws (complete with
>regnal years) and of cases brought under them so that the essential
>veracity of your statement can be judged by all.
>: As I tell you clones, one at a time, my repetition comes directly from
>: the fact that you only make two or three points, but Mommy Professor
>: told you that if you put them in different words, they are different
>: points. I have to use the same exact arguments on all your weaving
>: around to make your three or points sound new.
>And not from the fact that you really have no arguments to defend
>your prejudices?

What prejudices do you think I have then, smartarse? I wasn't going to
get rude, but when someone bases such an in-depth assessment on me
based on two messages accusing that someone of repetition, then I have
to conclude that their brain has something seriously wrong with it.

>: The force of your argument is in ruining people for violating Political
>: Correctness and in your Hate Laws, so your arguments remain hopeless
>: repetitions of crap that wouldn't last five minutes iif you didn't have
>: abosolute unquestioned control over academia(can you imagine any leftist
>: viewpoint, no matter how kooky, that couldn't get plenty of backing from
>: tax-paid lefty academics?). I just repeat in the same words. rather
>: than pretending, as a "respectable" rightist would, that you are saying
>: something new.
>In one word: huh?

This to Mr Whitaker, not Mr Ledgister: Excuse me dickbrain - I haven't given
*any* arguments in this thread, merely poked fun at your repetition.

The only thing I can think of that you class as a hate law are the laws
which prevent people from inciting racial tension - a law which applies
equally to non-whites as to whites. Try living over here and be surprised
at the relatively low level of inter-racial tension - it certainly exists
in places, and is propagated by many people in *all* races.

What it seems to me is you have a chip on your shoulder about academia.
But that's what it seems - you never explicitly state your viewpoint.

>: Don't worry, I'll keep repeating this to each of you clones until you
>: hear me.
>We hear you, Bobby baby, we just can't bring ourselves to believe
>that your brains were replaced by rocks. But you're doing a
>wonderful job persuading all of us.

Don't insult rocks!

What amuses me is he has already classed me as a PC clone, even
though I came into this thread less than a week ago, posted two
messages poking fun at his repetition. Apparently that makes me
PC. Interesting logic. I certainly don't consider myself PC -
I merely believe in an equal chance for everybody based on merit
and ability and not skin colour or genital apparatus, and I also
therefore think an idea such as 'positive discrimination' is a
contradiction in terms. I don't believe in petty language
censoring, such as banning the word 'blackboard' (interesting
ban that - personaly, I would have though 'blackboard' had
positive connotations since they are generally a good tool
in education).

There, I've stated my position, at least partitially. Something
I haven't seen from Mr Whitaker. Perhaps he lives under an old
wooden bridge and eats billy goats?

Rich Hanson, Software Engineer, +44 (0)1634 844400 x4937
GEC Marconi Avionics Limited, Rochester, Kent, ENGLAND
Speaking for myself, of course!