Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease

Alan J. Packer (Alan@alpaca.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:19:21 +0000

In article <572908$7ob@cronkite.seas.gwu.edu>, Fatima Ibrahim Al-Shirawi
<fatma@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu> writes
> Hogs and Wogs and Those Betwixt
> -------------------------------
>In response to Dunky's little hypothesis about the proper place
>of pink skin in the scheme of things

.....you threw fat onto the fire. Well, the result of the racial mix
(no, Duncan, don't laugh, this is *your* future too) is that it won't
matter a flying fuck what your colour is....in a few decades time the
technocrats will rule the world and they will come from every quarter of
the globe. Race is too unimportant to stand in the way of progress (or
making money). Right now, the underclass of the uk, usa, singapore and
china are beavering away to keep the likes of the average inertnet user
in the life of comfort to which they have become accustomed.

Sorry to bring a grain of truth into this discussion.

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