Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fri, 22 Nov 1996 15:06:34 EST

I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to argue with either
Bobby Whitaker or Brian Smith. Neither one has any intention of answering
any questions seriously. They simply label anyone who disagrees with the
race traitors (Smith) or PC clones (Whitaker) and refuse to address their
real points. Hardly surprising, but sad. They realize that their
disgusting ideology can't survive the light of real debate, so they hide
under the rocks of half-truths and lies. Rather pitiful.

But still, I'll try one more time.

The idea of race. What is this thing race you speak of? Is it skin tone?
But didn't the human race originate in Africa, and its only the movement to
northern sun-starved climates that turned some of us (like me) pale. What
does that skin color adaptation have to do with making pale people better/
smarter, whatever, than everyone else. And how do you explain Indians
(in India) who have caucasoid features but skin ranging from light to very
dark brown?

Now, about the superiority of the white race. If you are going to use
IQ tests to display our superiority, how do you deal with the fact that,
according to the Bell Curve, jews and asians score higher than whites on
IQ tests.

Now about this Jewish conspiracy. Why don't any of my Jewish friends tell
me about it? Are they holding out on me? Or is it just an "in" group
which knows the truth? If so, they're pretty damn competant, to keep this
conspiracy going for thousands of years. And what is their goal? World
domination? Sounds like a lot of white guys I know (Hitler, Stalin,
Napoleon, Bob Dole). Why do you think the Jewish race is so united, when
the white race is obviously so divided (if only because they don't follow
your racial view of the world).

Now about this Politically Correct thing. How do you explain that I
disagree with Bob Whitaker, therefore qualifying as a clone, yet I do not
believe the things he says I ought to believe. For example, I do not
support the repression of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel.
So if I'm different, how do you have the gall to call me a clone?
(I think it's because racists love to put things in simple categories,
even if the world is much more complex than that. In their world, they'd
prefer to only have McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendies; they'd deny the
existance of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hutt: the weasels.)

Finally, my beliefs. I believe in judging people on who they are,
what they do, and what they say. I don't care about color, religion,
or favorite ice-cream flavor. I've known my share of nasty blacks,
jews, and whites. And I've known plenty of generous, honest, good
people in those categories. Race doesn't matter. Humanity matters.

Carl Skutsch