Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
22 Nov 1996 22:30:43 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Laura Finsten wrote:
: >
: > Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
: >
: > [...]
: >
: > > That assumes that a totally Politically Correct clone like you
: > >understands that what she says is not the truth. To you, this is The
: > >Truth.
: >
: > Oh, I see. You're calling me an idiot. You are claiming that I don't
: > know enough about problematic archaeological contexts, skeletal
: > identification, and radiometric dating to have a sense of when caution
: > should be exercised in evaluating partial evidence. So what do you
: > know about these things, Bob, that leads you to think you can judge
: > this better than me? Did you study that in graduate economics
: > seminars, Bob? Or while you were writing your great "theoretical"
: > contributions, did you do some human osteology on the side, maybe
: > make decisions about which samples to submit for radiocarbon dating
: > and then interpret the dates when you got them back from the lab?
: > Have you followed the literature on forensic skeletal identification,
: > Bob?
: >

: You can jargon yourself blue, but the simple fact is that in every case
: you always come down on the Poltiically Correct side in every
: discussion. Your pattern is in perfect accord with your training.
: That's pitiful.

I notice that you duck the key point, namely that you lack the
knowledge to evaluate her skills.

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