Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Laura Finsten (
22 Nov 1996 00:47:23 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:


> In your duets with others accusing the National Alliance of being
>Nazi, you never dsitance yourself from them, so one must assume you
>agree that it is a Nazi organization. I know the only reason a
>left-wing social democrat is not a communist is because he does not
>favor totalitariansim, and you claimed you knew the same thing about
>racists versus Nazis, but I still have seen no sign of it whatsoever.

I'm not quite sure I follow you here, Bob. Are you saying that the
only thing of note about the National Alliance is its racism? Are
you saying that it does not otherwise have a totalitarian agenda?
I know a lot of people who call organisations like the National
Alliance and the Aryan Nations "Nazi" organisations. Others use
the term "neo-Nazi". I've heard people say that there is no need
to call them "neo-" since the only difference is that Hitler ain't
head of the group any more. I frankly don't think the name matters.
It is the content. So are you saying that the National Alliance
is just like any other political party except for its racist platform?

>> So you are calling me a liar.

> That assumes that a totally Politically Correct clone like you
>understands that what she says is not the truth. To you, this is The

Oh, I see. You're calling me an idiot. You are claiming that I don't
know enough about problematic archaeological contexts, skeletal
identification, and radiometric dating to have a sense of when caution
should be exercised in evaluating partial evidence. So what do you
know about these things, Bob, that leads you to think you can judge
this better than me? Did you study that in graduate economics
seminars, Bob? Or while you were writing your great "theoretical"
contributions, did you do some human osteology on the side, maybe
make decisions about which samples to submit for radiocarbon dating
and then interpret the dates when you got them back from the lab?
Have you followed the literature on forensic skeletal identification,


> You PC clones keep insisting that a whole population that has lived and
>been educated under your brain-dead tyranny has to be psychic to know
>what you're thinking. What you have to say is said over and over and
>over and over at public expense.
> We know you.

Sure you do, Bob.

"If I can't dance..... I don't want to be part of your revolution."
Emma Goldman