Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
21 Nov 1996 22:16:35 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Richard P. Hanson wrote:
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: > Can someone please jog that record player, that Bob Whitaker record
: > keeps getting stuck.
: >
: > --
: > Rich Hanson, Software Engineer, +44 (0)1634 844400 x4937
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: > GEC Marconi Avionics Limited, Rochester, Kent, ENGLAND
: > Speaking for myself, of course!

: You are speaking fro the land where "the truth is no excuse" not
: to go to prison for speach banned under your Hate Laws.

Might we have some citations of the relevant laws (complete with
regnal years) and of cases brought under them so that the essential
veracity of your statement can be judged by all.

: As I tell you clones, one at a time, my repetition comes directly from
: the fact that you only make two or three points, but Mommy Professor
: told you that if you put them in different words, they are different
: points. I have to use the same exact arguments on all your weaving
: around to make your three or points sound new.

And not from the fact that you really have no arguments to defend
your prejudices?

: The force of your argument is in ruining people for violating Political
: Correctness and in your Hate Laws, so your arguments remain hopeless
: repetitions of crap that wouldn't last five minutes iif you didn't have
: abosolute unquestioned control over academia(can you imagine any leftist
: viewpoint, no matter how kooky, that couldn't get plenty of backing from
: tax-paid lefty academics?). I just repeat in the same words. rather
: than pretending, as a "respectable" rightist would, that you are saying
: something new.

In one word: huh?

: Don't worry, I'll keep repeating this to each of you clones until you
: hear me.

We hear you, Bobby baby, we just can't bring ourselves to believe
that your brains were replaced by rocks. But you're doing a
wonderful job persuading all of us.


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