Re: MacRae & Myers: THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S!

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21 Nov 1996 14:08:08 -0800

In article <56uv86$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
>"Tom E. Morris" <> wrote:
>>I have just recently read the contentious debates going on here. I am
>>reminded of Carl Sagan's comment, "Extraordinary claims require
>>extraordinary evidence." Until such evidence is presented in the form of a
>>paper to a refereed journal (and not on the internet), I am only willing to
>>consider much simpler explanations for your find. You may have indeed found
>>something very interesting. But I would want to see all simpler hypotheses
>>ruled out first before considering your claim.
>>Good luck,
>>Tom Morris
>>Fullerton College
>>Fullerton, CA
>Thanks, Tom:
>You're being openminded, fair and decent.
>That's a switch (in these newsgroups).
>I'd say there's plenty of evidence available at
>to back up my big mouth.
>As for your suggestion that my specimens be subjected to
>interpretation by a ``refereed" journral, I can only remind you
>of the rather eloquent words of my late friend, Clayton Lennon.
>>> ``Remember, Ed, you're not only fighting
>>> the man in the ring. You're fighting the referee
>>> and the three judges."
>Tom, do you really think I'd get a fair and honest assessment of my
>discoveries in a ``refereed" journal? That's the biggest joke of all.
>As for reminding me of Carl Sagan's comment, "Extraordinary claims
>require extraordinary evidence," please inform Carl Sagan that HE
>ought to practice what HE preaches.
>He's another turkey who's been gobbling greenbacks for years
>at the trough of evolutionary horse manure and pseudo-science.
>Incidentally, there's no truth to the rumor that Carl Sagan is an
>egomaniac who wears a Size 8 3/4 hat. His habberdasher once told me
>-- in strictest confidence -- that he's only a Size 8 1/2.

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