Ed Conrad (
21 Nov 1996 13:13:02 GMT

fmurray@pobox,com (frank murray) wrote to sci.archaeology:

> i browse this group for insight into what others know or think of our
> distant past...and not without reward...of late, i see demonstrations
> of how our distant ancesters might have played the snarldog pack in
> ritual culling of cripples...but how deeply must these less fortunate
> minds be gouged?? many teeth must rip into those already branded
> ill by their attackers??...i understand that it would be embarassing
> for any to stand in even slight defence of those who's own words
> announce their crippled state, but would it be so difficult to just
> let their inanities lie there without kicking them??...might leave a
> bit of time for archeology...

> snarling with cheer,

> frank

Professor Murray:
I don't know if we're on the same wave length . . .

I personally have encountered numerous establishment
scientists whose formatio reticularis, situated in the medulla of the
brain, has been crippled because of years of overindulgence in the
belief and propogation of pseudo-science rehetoric.

I think I may have come up with a solution.

There's a fellow here in Shenandoah who is pretty good at making
miniatures and, in fact, it helped pay his way through Jefferson
Medical School where he graduated as a neurologist.

I could ask him how he feels about manufacturing pairs of miniature
crutches. If he agrees, he probably would be receptive to performing
implants which might help solidify those wobbly brains.