Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

jrs (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 09:01:32 -0500

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:

>jrs wrote:


>> There is also speculation that Bobby is a member of the infamous
>> national alliance, but Bobby will not say whether this is true or
>> not.

> I already answered previous clones on this point.

Aha! Which previous clone did you answer? Also, since you answered a
"previous" clone, what happened to that clone? We'd *all" like an
answer to that one, Dr. Moriarty!

> I don't know anybody who belongs to the National Alliance.

A likely story!

>So what?

We care! We care! (dual care's there)

> I have to answer the same thing from each clone every time

Yea, Just *when* did you answer each clone? Answer that one, Bobby
Professor! AND! Did you answer the VERY SAME THING???????


>-- each of you thinks he thought of the same old line

I beg your pardon! *You* may have multiple personalities professor,
but I can ASSURE you that there is only ONE of me!

>-- and you accuse me of repeitition.

No, I do not *accuse* you of repetition. It is simply *observed*.

> Why this McCarthyite kick, anyway?

Oh, so you didn't like the Beatles, eh?

(that's a joke, for you bland intellects out there (brian?)) (I know
it's McCartney)