Re: What Would Happen If the Academic Bureaucracy Levelled With Itself?

Ed Conrad (
20 Nov 1996 23:58:44 GMT

> Bob Whitaker <> hit a bull's-eye when he wrote
> (to sci.anthropology and a few other news groups)

(with Ed Conrad's apology to Cynthia Gage for incorrectly crediting
these picture-perfect words to her sweet lips)

Says Bob:
> What we call academe today is a multi-billion-dollar,
> self-perpetuating, self-selected bureaucracy.
> The difference between the academic bureaucracy and any other
> self-selecting bureaucracy is that academe claims, as its sole product,
> objective, unbiased, balanced truth. It has no other reason for
> existence.
> Is the academic bureaucracy actually the first self-selecting
> bureaucracy in history to produce anything approaching objectivity, or
> is its product simply a predictable result of its biases?


You've said a mouthful, Bob, and -- I have to hand it to you --
you've said it very well.

Academe is INDEED a multi-billion-dollar, self-perpetuating,
self-selected bureaucracy -- and the only ``truth' it dispenses
is what it decides to give out.
Even when it is fully aware that a particular ``truth" is total
Its ``product" unquestionably is, at all times, a predictable result
of its complete and utter bias.

I offer one glowing example.
Academe's adamant, unyielding stance concerning man's evolutionary
inhuman origin has absolutely no basis in fact.
Even worse, when challenged with facts and evidence --
-- it resorts to despicable antics of deceipt, dishonesty, coverup and
foul play.

The Wheels of Vested Interests keep right on rolling along.
Thanks, Robert,, for your keen insight in sizing up a deplorable
situation and for having the courage to call a spade a spade.

>Whaaooo there Ed, I NEVER wrote this...I believe it was Bob Whitaker who
>posted this...I replied that I also had some questions about the present
>education system but I certainly don't whole-heartedly agree with what Bob
>had written. Please try and make sure you're quoting, and thanking as the
>case may be, the right person.
>Thanks :)
>and take care,