Re: MacRae & Myers: THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S!

Ed Conrad (
20 Nov 1996 12:57:42 GMT

"Tom E. Morris" <> wrote:

>I have just recently read the contentious debates going on here. I am
>reminded of Carl Sagan's comment, "Extraordinary claims require
>extraordinary evidence." Until such evidence is presented in the form of a
>paper to a refereed journal (and not on the internet), I am only willing to
>consider much simpler explanations for your find. You may have indeed found
>something very interesting. But I would want to see all simpler hypotheses
>ruled out first before considering your claim.

>Good luck,
>Tom Morris
>Fullerton College
>Fullerton, CA

Thanks, Tom:
You're being openminded, fair and decent.
That's a switch (in these newsgroups).
I'd say there's plenty of evidence available at
to back up my big mouth.

As for your suggestion that my specimens be subjected to
interpretation by a ``refereed" journral, I can only remind you
of the rather eloquent words of my late friend, Clayton Lennon.

>> ``Remember, Ed, you're not only fighting
>> the man in the ring. You're fighting the referee
>> and the three judges."

Tom, do you really think I'd get a fair and honest assessment of my
discoveries in a ``refereed" journal? That's the biggest joke of all.

As for reminding me of Carl Sagan's comment, "Extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence," please inform Carl Sagan that HE
ought to practice what HE preaches.

He's another turkey who's been gobbling greenbacks for years
at the trough of evolutionary horse manure and pseudo-science.

Incidentally, there's no truth to the rumor that Carl Sagan is an
egomaniac who wears a Size 8 3/4 hat. His habberdasher once told me
-- in strictest confidence -- that he's only a Size 8 1/2.