Re: Was it my imagination that this group used to discuss Anthropology?

Ed Conrad (
20 Nov 1996 09:15:00 GMT

Noel Dickover <> wrote:

>Was it my imagination that this group used to discuss anthropology? I
>haven't been paying attention for a while but I think my news browser has
>led me astray. Could some kind soul please email me the name of the
>newsgroup where anthropological discussions (as opposed to what we see
>here) might take place? Specifically I am interested in anthropological
>issues related to modern organizations.

You're right, Noel.
Once upon a time this group used to discuss anthropology in peace and
solitude, with almost no interference and certainly no static.

Then one day a wise ass came along and had the balls to call all of
our discussions pablum, claiming they fail to address the real issue:
the presentation of even one scintilla of evidence substantiating the
scientific establishment's claim that man's most remote ancestor --
our great-great-great-Grandma -- was a catlike, monkey-size primate.

Once upon a time it was possible for featherbedders to avoid any
discussion of evidence reaching down to the bottom line of
anthropology, since they knew none existed.

Therefore, they used to delight in bedside chats of fiction and
fabrication with as much basis in fact as Aesops's Fables.

Unfortunately, those good old days are gone forever.

And, perhaps -- sooner than they think -- their erroneous theory.