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Tue, 19 Nov 1996 11:42:27 -0800

Janet Jubran wrote:
> Avoid it "The Man in the Ice". A lot of speculation. Not a lot of
> substance. I am waiting, eagerly, for something serious on the ice man.
I did find an article through a search engine refuting the refuting that
poor Otzi was a shaman.
Why can't he be JOE SCHMO? I find it very telling that the people you
occaisonally meet who believe they are reincarnations, are never
reincarnations of Anne, the poxy milkmaid who died of TB when she was
16. Its always first consort to the Queen of Linlangdon or something.

What I was hoping for was a LIST of what he had, what it was made out
of, one or two pausible uses of it, and the autopsy report (did he have
Pott's disease?). Some body somewhere has got to have this!TJ