Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?
18 Nov 1996 18:21:36 GMT

>Carl Skutsch
> (Carl Skutsch) wrote:

>Bob, you claim that all Politically Correct people think like clones.
>You say that I am Politically Correct. Yet why do I not share all the
>views that you claim are part of Political Correctness? (For example,
>I am not a rabid defender of Israel, I support the right of the
>Palestinian people to independant statehood.)

The thing is, Carl, that whether your postion on Israel is PC or not
depends entirely upon whether Bob agrees with you about Israel. Bob is
the ultimate arbiter of what PC is and is not. That's why he has no need
of a definition of PC: he automatically knows, and can therefore condemn
case-by-case as the need arises.

Even if Bob does agree with you on Israel, he won't be confused into
thinking you are not a clone. He knows that clones can be clever -- Mommy
Professor has supplied us all with sophist trickery which he, fortunately,
can see right through.

> You seem to like putting
>people in simplistic categories (Blacks are this way, Whites are that
>PC people are the other way), when the truth is we are all a lot more
>complicated than that. Even your online enemies probably dislike your
>views for a variety of reasons.

>So, are you still afraid to confront reality? Will you explain how I,
>an alleged PC person, do not support the PC agenda as you've described
>Nah, you'll just mutter about how we're all PC white liberal race
>traitors, and then hunch back to your computer cave. You are such an
>intellectual coward. I assume you don't put your ideas up for open
>debate because deep down you realize how wrong they are.

>Carl Skutsch