Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 17:10:53 -0500

Gregory Taylor wrote:
> Bob Whitaker blathered:
> >We object to PC because we've heard it all a thousand times, we've
> >had to live under it all our lives, and not a damned bit of it ever
> I've got a problem here, Bob. Unless that t-shirted chipmunk whose
> mug adorns your web page is a GenXer who's aged *very* badly, you
> look like an older cuss [and, If you are what remains of the Robert
> Whitaker who edited "The New Right Papers", you *would* be an old
> guy]. Am I supposed to take your claim about "living under it all
> our lives" at *all* seriously? How do we explain the existence of those
> "Colored Only" drinking fountains and washrooms at the bus station?
> Nixon's bombing of Cambodia (which was not, I think, Politically
> Correct)?

I'm so glad you brought that up. It gives me a chance to talk about
the good old Politically Correct Memory Hole in action.
We are constantly reminded of those separate drikling fountains, but
every leftist outrage and absurdity if forgotten.
They were performed by PC people who were exactly like you Politically
Correct types today. They said that Scientific Economics showed
socialism made sense. That is, they said that if the government owned
the whole economy, it would be efficient. Anyone who called this pure
crap pure crap was looked down on, just as anyone who calls crap crap
today is looked down on.
Anyone who said that Castro was a Communist before Castro did was
considered totally unspohistocated among your kind.
While Mao was killing people by the million, you were decrying Hitler
and talking up Mao. As for Stalin, while Solzhenitsyn was in in his
death camps with millions of others, your kind was saying how
unsphistocated it was to say thet he was an evil dictator or that
innocent little Stalinists would want expansionaism. It was insane.
I remember an article in an economics journal in the early 1960's
called, "How To Make A Burden Out Of The Public Debt". It stated the
standard and accepted sophistocated, scientific economics position of
the time: that since we owed it to ourselves, the national debt was in
no way
a burden. Back then, debt was used to finanace Politically Correct
programs When it started financing tax xuts, it abruptly was
recognized as a burden.
The examples go on and on. But suffice it to say they have all been
conveniently forgotten.

And, on a more contemporary note, how do you explain all
> those different kinds of folks [mixed by race, national origin, class,
> sexual orientation] living up and down the block from me?

The law. When busing or low cost housing is pushed in, you
anti-whites follow the other whites out of the community. If separate
communities wer not chased down, all the whites would end up I them.
That is your jsutification for chasing down white escapees with low
cost housing and busing, and on that point you are dead right. Your
policies require chasing fugitives down,from busing to the Berlin Wall.

> If you're going to be at all credible as a spokesweasel for the White
> Power Rangers, I think you'll need to appear just a teensy bit less
> braindead - While Brian "I'm not Kurt" Smith shows every evidence of
> also being afflicted by the swelling and itching of painful ignoroidal
> tissues, at least he reads a bit less like a PERL script sitting on
> top of an autoresponder. It would be a shame to plummet from your once
> exalted position in academia [whatever *that* was] at such a precipitous
> rate that you're replaced by Brian Smith. This kind of idiocy, combined
> with that "no one gets a science Ph.D. without an IQ of 120" howler
> is pinning the CRANK-o-meter even more than usual.
> Just a thought....
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