Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Arend van de Poel (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 20:00:55 GMT

Pan of Anthrox <> wrote in article
> TJ wrote:
> >
> > Jukka Korpela wrote:
> > Speaking of human remains...Remember the freeze-dried bronze-age man
> > found in the Alps a few years back. PBS did a once over lightly special
> > on him. I assume much of the research has been done, but where can I
> > find an account of the 'findings' on this guy? Any good books out, or
> > articles? With near-morbid fascination of the very old, tj
> i saw a book on it at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore in new York City.
> One does exist.. i know that!

For the Iceman you could also try