Re: Del Mar Man - pre-'Indian' people of the Americas

Bart Torbert/Jean Dupree (
15 Nov 1996 03:25:24 GMT

In article <>, says...
>Any info on the Del Mar Man or other suspected pre-'Indian' findings
>in the Americas would be very appreciated!

I wish I did know more myself---BUT

Why does everyone presume that any such person would have to be
"pre"-Indian. Why could they not just be the earliest Indian found????

There is plenty of evidence starting to come to light that the Indians may
have been here long before the fabled Bering Sea Land Bridge. It takes
about two days amoung the natives of Alaska to realize that you don't need
a land bridge to get people across the Bering Sea. If you have the guts
you can get across in open boats during the summer or in dog sleds in the
winter. It was done all the time until this century when the bad
relationship between the US and the Soviets cut off the regular travel of
the Alaskan and Siberian inhabitants.

So anybody that old would not have to be somebody different than the
Indians, just one of the who got here long time ago.

Bart Torbert