Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?
15 Nov 1996 04:30:56 GMT wrote
> When we see either tolerance or objectivity (or even the PRETENSE of
> tolerance or objectivity) from the Correct Crowd, I think Hell will
> be freezing over. Near as I can tell, that smiley-face of yours is
> about as far as it goes.

Cynthia wrote
.What is the "Correct Crowd"? And my smiley face is always sincere, I'm
.not taking anything I'm reading here too seriously and I always get a
.smile and laugh.

Cynthia -- that's the best attitude to take. I don't know this guy, but I
really doubt that he knows what he means by the Correct crowd, other than
he means people who disagree with him/piss him off. If he does have some
definition of it, he couldn't know whether you fit it or not, because he
can't know much about who you are, what you do, or what you think based on
a few posts in which you mostly ask questions. In fact, if you follow the
posts (I've been lurking) you'll see that he's taken Bob's word that you
are Correct (again, whatever that means) who -- if you will pardon me --
doesn't seem to me to be an objective, unbiased or particularly discerning

If he (Marshall) wanted to make a point of substance, he would explain
what he thinks Correct is, and why it is intolerant. Perhaps he can
enlighten us as to how it has so negativly impacted his own life that he
would respond in such a vicious way rather than making a cogent argument.
He hasn't made a point of substance, and I take that to mean he hasn't so
much substance as just ire -- sound and fury signifying -- well, sound and

He can easily prove me wrong.
Keep laughing Cynthia. I know I do.

--Greg Keyes