Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Pete Marshall (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 19:11:24 GMT

On 14 Nov 1996 13:48:47 GMT, Laura Finsten
<> wrote:

>Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>> You got it backwards, of course. You live in a world where PhD's
>>are the priests to the superstitious PC peasants, so you're trying to be
>>modest about it.
>*Trying* to be modest about it? Out of one corner of your mouth you accuse
>me of intentionally hiding something, while from the other slithers this
>nonsensical accusation. If I wished to dupe the "superstitious PC peasants"
>with my credentials as a high priestess of knowledge and wisdom, I would
>hardly have chosen *not* to flout them, would I, Mr. Whit. Whatever
>happened to your brain, Bob? You can't think logically any more.
>> I guess this is the first time you've ever dealt with somebody who
>>is truly not only not impressed, but quite the opposite.
>The only people I know who are impressed are my parents and siblings.
>>I was offended
>>that you get paid full time to push this Politically Coorect crap and
>>didn't admit it up front.
>You are a hypocrite of the first order. Had I attached PhD to my surname,
>you would have ragged on about that and nothing else. That is what you
>have done to those people who have been "up front" in these newsgroups.
>I have not *hidden* the fact that I am an anthropologist. In fact I
>mentioned it during the first month I posted here, and for months after
>was the object of snide comments about my "appeal to authority". Had
>anyone asked me about my academic degrees, I would have told them. No
>one did. A number of people here who know me personally, or have
>communicated with me privately, knew. Others have figured it out by
>following the newsgroup. That you didn't merely shows how unperceptive
>you are. Sounds to me like you're just pissed because we got a good
>laugh over your "Mommy Professor" rant, thanks to Bill Anderson's
>delightful sense of humour.
>One last thing, Bob - you know *nothing*, in fact, about what I am paid
>full-time to do. You know *nothing* about the topical areas in which
>I teach and do research. If you want to make accusations about "pushing
>PC crap for a living", I suggest you do a little homework first.

One thing you're clearly NOT being "paid to do" is to respond
on-topic. Or, you're doing your job very poorly. Why not take your
personal slurs to a private forum?