Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Messiah (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 12:52:12 -0800

It's amzing that many peoplein the Us assume that English is an
universal language or almost an universal language. this isn't true.
In the countres which have the British colonail legacy, the poluace
generally speaks English, but in the countres which have the Spanish
colonial legacy, the populace is Spanish speaking. The same for the
French and Portuguese colonail legacies, or the Arab empire colonail
legacies. These are all widespread languages.

However, I understood your poin, that people of all races speak the
dominant colonail languages, and I agree, we also have the same nedds
and problems all around the world, regardless of race.

And, as I sad, melanin is just one chemical, different groups of humans
have difderent chemical similiarites, such as the hering tribes like the
masai of Knya and the Northern Europeans, both of whom produce the
enzyme lactase do digest milk, while other populations like the Southern
Europeans, Most Other Africans, and American Indians do not produce this
enzyme. it makes as much since to classfy people into lactase producing
and non lactase producing populations as it does to classify according
to skin color, or hair type, and as it was pointed out in the earlier
post, even that is arbitrary, it depends on which country that it's in.