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> (Ben Waggoner) wrote:
>Truer words were never spoken.
>I, too, am getting tired of all the idiotic crap that's being spouted
>here and elsewhere in total denial of the most important discovery
>of the 20th century.
>You'd think, Ben, that, by now, your colleagues would've come to
>their senses -- as, thank goodness, you have -- and concede that man,
>in almost his present form (but perhaps 20 percent larger), had indeed
>existed way, way back while coal was being formed.
>Meanwhile, I'd like to commend your intestinal fortitude in calling
>their rantings ``crap."
>Personally, I think you could've been more diplomatic, considering
>your present stature at U. of C./Berkeley and obviously your vested
>But, then again, I can understand and appreciate why you've taken such
>a hard stance. In our past dealings, it was obvious to me that you
>undoubtedly are the type of person who likes to call a spade a spade.
> Ed Conrad

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