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>>Ed Conrad wrote:
>>> Not once -- ever -- did I state anywhere at any time that the
>>> specimens of petrified human bone and soft organs were ``found in
>>> anthracite coal."
>>> I have stated time after time that they were found in the shale (or
>>> slate) between anthracite seams.
>>Well, Conrad caught me in a huge conspiratorial lie! I did confuse his
>>constant rants about "Carboniferous human/hominind fossils" and his
>>"anthracite coal" posts and for this I most humbly apologise to Mr.Ed.
>>Your skull-shaped concretion did not come out of the anthracite coal, but
>>from the shale between coal seams.
>You're right AND you're wrong, Henry!
>You've finally got it right that the specimen was removed from between
>two anthracite veins, not from the coal itself.
>And you're dead wrong when calling it a ``skull-shaped concretion"
>when its actually a petrified human skull, much as you tend to
>Granules removed from various areas of the skull-like protrusion
>have revealed, during microscopic examination, the presence of
>Haversian canals (the distinguishing difference between my petrified
>bones and your concretions).
>In any event, I accept your apology for admitting that you were wrong
>about where the specimen came from.
>Meanwhile, be prepared to write another apology -- perhaps sooner than
>you think -- for recklessly and callously calling The World's Most
>Important Fossil a rock.

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