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13 Nov 1996 12:52:27 GMT

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> Since the human genome is, essentially, shared by all, I suggest the
> in race result from differences in gene expression. I suggest testosterone is
> the molecule that causes major differences in gene expression, that result in
> the differences described as "race." Humans and chimpanzees exhibit major
> differences in testosterone; human "races" exhibit major differences in
> testosterone. Changes in testosterone, along with only slight differences in
> genes, will produce the appearance of different species of hominids over time.
> James Howard

Fine, but the term race has not always been used, nor as it maintained its
orginal meaning. Take a look at Hegel, Herder, Von Ranke, all three of
these people talk about the German race. Hmmm, so just over 100 years ago
the term race was used to describe what today we would proably call a
nation state. The concept of race developed within a specfic social
context and I do not think it is helpful to attempt to reduce the concept
through biological determinism. It fact, one might argue, it only muddies
the waters.

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