FOSSIL human skull, old as coals carbon-14 biblical Flood (Ramses vs. Moses)

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I have added alt.religion.christian to share with them, however if you
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I have difficulty working a scanner.
(Need advise for best scan dpi , format, lineart [?] etc.)
However, I will be posting the C-14 of trees from a published Nobel convention.
A list of dendrochronology dates BP~BC along with C-14 dates BP~BC.
In the list is revealed the fact that trees having C-14 from 2300 BC are being
claimed by dendrochronology as 3000 BC trees favoring Egyptology.
Of course, you are claiming them to be trees from 3000 BC containing
C-14 from that era in larger amounts which falsely produce 2300 BC dates.
I believe the real Egyptology is proven by the Hebrew Genesis back to
2370 BC and not the Turin Papyrus (Septuagint Genesis) back to 3090 BC.
Thus the C-14 is my testimony from God as the truth or word of God,
and not the dendrochronology you worship as the word of God.
forgive me, when I scanned, I clipped the Pharaohs names off the bottom
(not being able to read them in the GIF until I looked back at the book)
I will change it, but clearly you require more charted evidence so I will
spend my time scanning more charts than waste time on just one.

These other Egyptology C-14 chart readings reveal that it is closer to
round the C-14 down to biblical centuries (minus 500 years) believing there
was LESS C-14 and that decades from the Flood were increasing in C-14 to the present,
than to presume the C-14 error as 720 years by claiming that 3000 BC carbon-14
was higher and so now dates younger as 2300 BC. I am presenting
these C-14 charts to declare the current INTERPRETATION of dendrochronology
as a fraud based on a fraudulent Egypt.
Moses did not know Ramses. But when you choose the Turin Papyrus chronology,
you choose 1290 BC Ramses. When I choose the Bible Genesis, I choose
Moses who was bold enough to face all Egypt's scholars twice as being wrong
1554 / 1514 BC. A unanimous group system can save society, it can also
exercise its power to cause total destruction of society by its bold claims of truth
when it is DEAD wrong. You have known little guys before to show up as
correct. But you will not give in whenever the word Bible is mentioned.
I have sent letters off to many institutes, and when I say it is for the Bible,
I get told they're busy, but when that word isnt used, I get a reply.
I think this serves well to indicate the feelings inside of those leading society.

Kerry A. Northrop wrote:
> I take offense at that. I do not charge people to hear what I have to
> say. And as for dendrochronology going against your biblical date, I'm
> afraid I'd have to go with the tree rings. Dendrochronology is one of, if
> not the most accurate chronometric dating method we have. If you want to
> believe that the bible gives the "real" date that's fine, but I tend to
> believe more proven and trusted methods of dating.
> -ka

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