Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
13 Nov 1996 15:29:36 GMT

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Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Philip Kasiecki wrote:
: > In article <>,
: > Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: > : None of the clones who insist IQ is meaningless would let
: > : anybody try for one of their precious PhD's who did not have an IQ
: > : of at least 120.
: > : Get off it!

: > Bull shit, Bob.
: > It's really funny how you think a Ph.D is meaningless, but an IQ
: > test shows everything, yet they're similar in some regard. Personally,
: > I think a Ph.D. is a better thing than an IQ of, say, 140. Just like
: > four years of straight As in high school is a lot better than a 1500+
: > SAT score.

: Why?

I think work over a four-year period is a helluva lot more indicative
of what one can do than what happens in a 3-hour exam with about 200
questions. I don't know for certain, but it does seem that many schools
are putting less and less into SAT scores. I think my 3.7 GPA and
graduation as Salutatorian of my class in high school says a great deal
more about my high school success than my 1170 on my SAT does.
This is a good parallel to something I do every year with the NBA
Draft. Being the sports junkie that I am, I cover it in great detail,
and often get into heated debates about what pre-draft workouts mean, as
opposed to entire college careers. I think what the player does over
his years in college is more indicative than what he might do at a
workout over a span of a couple of days.

: > I've never heard of any case where an IQ test score meant the
: > difference between being admitted to a Ph.D. program; maybe you can
: > cite one for us, though.
: > Until then: get off it.

: I still think it's cute how little Kasiecki-Brown thinks he can give
: me orders.

The burden of proof lies with the accuser, Bob. You made the
comment, now back it up.

Phil Kasiecki

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