Re: LUCY: ``Yes, we have no bananas!"

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In article <569ftu$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:

> (R. Gaenssmantel) wrote:
>>Ed Conrad ( wrote:
>>: ``Lucy" is nothing more than a member of the ``monkey" family,
>>: with no connection -- none whatsoever -- to early man . . .
>>: To put it rather bluntly, ``Lucy" is a mockery of scientific
>>: integrity (if some still exits in the field of physical anthropology,
>>: which I sort of doubt)).
>>I see, Ed, you do have a sense of humour after all!
>>Why don't you elaborate a bit more and enter into competition with the
>>Reverend Colonel Ignatius Churchward Von Berlitz M.A. (Dom. Sci.) Oxon.
>>(Oklahoma) ?
>Not Churchward, silly! You must mean ChurchWOOD -- Col. James
>After all, HE'S the author of this memorable mouthful (gulp!):
> ``Our scientists today do not want facts. They hate them
> because it upsets all the fairy tales they have been building
> up for many, many years.
> ``What they want, and what they will readily accept, is some
> ultra-cracked theory that in some way boosts up their
> mythical teaching, and the more technology, impossible
> to understand, the better it is, for here is the bluff for
> the public with no possible comeback."

I warned you guys -- don't bother replying to Ed Conrad, but if you must,
do it in Now look what's happened: he's spammed the above
jewel of scientific criticism _3_ times to each of the many newsgroups
he babbles on. There is no science here, please don't waste your breath
on it...especially not in a sci. newsgroup.

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