New reference volume to Central Asian archaeology
13 Nov 1996 18:39:08 GMT

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Carol Bromberg, Editor

The Archaeology and Art of Central Asia
Studies from the Former Soviet Union

(Volume 8 of the Bulletin of the Asia Institute
Published May 1996)

Edited by B. A. Litvinskii and C. A. Bromberg


A. I. Isakov, "Sarazm: An Agricultural Center of Ancient Sogdiana"
A. Askarov and T. Shirinov, "The 'Palace,' Temple, and Necropolis of
V. I. Sarianidi, "Aegean-Anatolian Motifs in the Glyptic Art of Bactria
and Margiana"
I. V. P'iankov, "The Ethnic History of the Sakas"
B. A. Litvinskii and I. R. Pichikian, "The Hellenistic Architecture and
Art of the Temple of the Oxus"
B. I. Vainberg, "The Kalali-Gir 2 Ritual Center in Ancient Khwarazm"
G. V. Shishkina, "Ancient Samarkand"
V. N. Pilipko, "Excavations of Staraia Nisa"
A. Bader, V. Gaibov, and G. Koshelenko, "Materials for an Archaeological
Map of the Merv Oasis"
V. A. Livshits and V. G. Shkoda, "Old Indian Kapala in a Bactrian
Inscription from Qara-Tepe"
E. V. Rtveladze, "Kampir-Tepe: Structures, Written Documents, and Coins"
D. V. Rusanov, "The Fortifications of Kampir-Tepe"
IU. A. Rapoport, "The Palaces of Topraq-Qal'a"
B. I. Marshak and V. I. Raspopova, "Worshipers from the Northern Shrine of
Temple II, Panjikent"
L. V. Pavchinskaia, "Sogdian Ossuaries"
G. A. Pugachenkova, "The Form and Style of Sogdian Ossuaries"
E. V. Zeimal', "The Circulation of Coins in Central Asia during the
Medieval Period"

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