Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Messiah (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 14:29:35 -0800

Quite true, race is determined but mutliple atributes, but it's
completely arbitary which attributes are considered. Anthroplogists
claiisfy East Indians has white, but I've seen Dravidians as black as
skillets! I am certain the average white person doesn't think of
Dravidians as white. Anthropologist say that because they have straight
hair and thin lips they're white, but one can find Africans with thin
lips and noses. People will belive what they want to, theuir opinions
have been shaped by pasty experiences. Depeneding on who the taxonimst
is, their are between one(the human race)race, to three races(white,
black and oriental) to three hundred races or more. You can find
multiple differences between Nigerians and Ethiopians, does that mean
tha tthey are in different races? You can find multiple differecnes
between Irish and Ukranians, does that mean they're different races? You
can finf multiple differeces between Mogolians and Japanese, does that
meaan their different races? You can always find something different
about people. I consider Jews white, but some people don't. Some
historians condier todays Jews the descendants of Europeans who
converted to Judaism, which makes Judaism a religion, not a faith.(there
are black Jews, some Ethiopians, who like their European counterparts,
converted to Judaism) So this means there isn't a Jewish race, but to
some people there is. Different peple see things differently. This
means, that Jews, share the same ancestry as other whites(actually, all
humans share the same ancestry, if we go back far enough).