Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Jim Carr (
12 Nov 1996 13:36:38 GMT

Jukka Korpela <> wrote:
} If this kind of "news" had any truth in them,
} and especially if they were unquestionable, we would certainly have
} read about them in reputable scientific magazines - which would really
} struggle for the right to publish such revolutionary reports before
} their competitors.

In any case, the whole thing is documented on the web, including
microscopic analysis of the so-called bone fragments. (Ian Tresman) writes:
>You're joking. "In 1906, more than two years after the Wrights had
>first flown, Scientific American carried an article ridiculing the
>'alleged' flights...

Despite their claims to the contrary, Dayton and Kitty Hawk *were*
remote in 1906, and the writers in New York could not read the
local newspaper accounts of the flights via the WWW. I might add
that if you have ever read the Scientific American from that era
you would find it to be somewhat below Popular Science in its
approach to the subject.

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