Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Laura Finsten (
12 Nov 1996 14:43:25 GMT

Ourobouros wrote:
>In article <565ba7$f6c@informer1.cis.McMaster.CA>, Laura says...

>Is this the post to which you are referring?

No, this isn't it, Twinkletoes.


>I would recommend
>Pat Shipman 1994 "The Evolution of Racism". Simon and Schuster.
>Jonathon Marks 1995 "Human Biodiversity: Genes, Race and History",
> Aldine de Gruyter, especially Chapter 4 The History of Biology
> and the Biology of History.
>And maybe Marek Kohn 1996 "The Race Gallery: The Return of Racial
> Science". Vintage Books. (I've just begun to read this.)

>While I cannot vouch for either Shipman or Kohn I do know that Marks, in
>the aforementioned book, is totally opposed to racialism.
>If this is the post to which you refer then what you stated above is

It isn't. This was a response to a question from Jamie McCarthy.
If you'd followed the thread back you would have seen that.

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