Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
11 Nov 1996 15:46:10 -0600

cynthia gage <> wrote:
>> None of the clones who insist IQ is meaningless would let anybody
>> try for one of their precious PhD's who did not have an IQ of at least
>> 120.
>I disagree with your statment completely. Since when was IQ ever a
>pre-requisit for a PhD? And are you saying that having a PhD is a direct
>indicator of high intelligence?

Given that the Whitless one has made noises in the past about either having
one or being an academic himself [nothing verifiable to back that one up,
either. There has been some humourous speculation abuot what sort of Ph.D.
ol' Whitless might have, but Bob only blathers about it. Some of us think
he's lying, but hey.]

If we are all astounded to learn that Bob has a Ph.D. degree from a real
university intead of being a custodian in one, I would think his existence
and ah....intellectual, rhetorical, and grammatic feats would argue against
a correlation between advanced degrees and high intelligence. In Bob's case,
the first is merely rumoured and the matter of higher intelligence seems
pretty opan-and-shut.

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