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Gerold Firl wrote:
> In article <>, Susan Whitney <> writes:
> |> Help! I am piloting a program in a Middle school where highly able
> |> Science students read and discuss a wide variety of Science related
> |> essays. Gould and Lewis Thomas immediately came to mind. Any
> |> suggestions for appealing and discussible articles?
> Human sociobiology always gets the kids excited; works on this
> newsgroup. I'm not sure about articles, but you could try excerpts
> from e. o. wilson _sociobiology_ or _on human nature_; dawkins _the
> selfish gene_, _blind watchmaker_, or _the extended phenotype_; jared
> diamond _the third chimpanzee_; or barash _the whisperings within_.
> Any of those should get some discussion going. You could contrast with
> the anti-sociobiology polemics of gould and lewontin, and if you
> really want to get to the fringe of philosophy-of-science type issues,
> scientific american had a short interview/profile of feyerabend a
> couple of years ago.

Except that the supposed "interview" is rubbish as an
"interview/profile of Feyerabend". It gets even the most
rudimentary basics wrong (e.g., Feyerabend never claimed
that "anything goes"). Rather, try "Conversations with
Illiterates" in _Science in a Free Society_ (1978) which is
fun to read & amusing in addition to providing ample material
for learning the basics of debate and argumentation. Or, the
debate in _New Ideas in Psychology_ 3, ca. 1983 ("On the
Limits of Research", "The Lessing Effect in Philosophy of


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