Re: Forensic Anthropology

9 Nov 96 22:15:11 MST

In article <563gvf$>, (Dan Kelly) writes:
> Scott Hughes <> wrote:
>>I am currently finishing my junior year at Rutgers Univ in Newark,
>>NJ. I will graduate in December 1997 and plan on graduate level work
>>leading to a doctorate.
>> The area I am interested in is forensic anthropology. Any comments
>>would be appreciated. Any ideas on good grad programs for this field?
>>Any ideas of job prospects in this field?
>> I am hoping to use this specialty for law enforcement purposes.
>> Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
>> Scott
> Scott,
> This may be a little help. not much, but a little. There is a page on
> the web that talks about forensic anthropology (jobs,etc); however,
> considering the fact that it is not my specialty, I did not bookmark
> it. Search using hotbot and lycos and hopefully you will find it.

I'm also looking into programs leading to a doctorate in forensic
anthropology. I have a B.A./B.S. in biological anthropology with a minor in
biology from the university of arizona (I also have exp. with the
world-renown tree ring lab at UofA and the Garbology project). Anybody have
recommendations on forensic anthropology programs on the west coast (pref.
those comparable to the great progream we have at the UofA)? I've
been looking into programs at UCLA and U-cal berkley. Thanks.